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APRIL 2020 - MARCH 2021
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The Intro

Triple Star Media contracted me to create a greenfield internet raffle product line.
The entire project from start to finish took about 5 months. The team was 100% online, spread from the Philippines, Australia, Poland and The UK.

In the end, I’ve created three brands. Prize Jar, Prize Monkey, and Prize Stars. The first two are very similar, but you can learn more about The Prize Jar here:(soon)

You can check the website here

Prize Stars, is a bit different brand but it use the same template can be found here

all brands

My responsibilities were:

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Market research

I conducted market research and applied that knowledge to my design

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UX and UI design

I designed all user flows: onboarding experience, registration journey, purchase journey and retention experience to name just a few 

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Logo and brand IDs

I created brand logos

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Marketing guidelines

I created a visual language, tone of voice, social media post and guidelines

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Design system and lingo

I worked with developers from start to finish, I guided them and created reviews

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Brand mascot design and animation

I designed and animated the Brand Mascot “The Bear”

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Investor decks

I worked on investors decks

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CRM communication

I created generic e-mails and guidelines for future iterations

Prize Stars (additional brand)

Additional info about the second brand. 

Prize Stars was a second brand which I designed, but this one (on this page) is better documented, and I used it as a master template.

But, If you would like to know more about Prize Stars
Learn More Here >

Prize Stars is different in terms of audience and channels. It is also interesting to see how the same design template can apply to two different ideas.

prize Stars-present
The Process

We didn’t have any market data or developed personas. I gathered my info from stakeholders and competitor websites. My assumptions were:

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This is a product for the general population with an average IQ of 90-100, appealing to both genders but because the mascot will be a bit more feminine. That was our goal, as we did have data to work with.

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The product must be easy to digest and similar to online retailers like (Amazon, Asda, Argos etc. )

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Must be similar to existing products like ITV Win, Raffolux, Omaze etc… (It was a product team requirement)

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Visual language must be simple. No mixed signals or hidden messages. Simple in this case means function and usability over visuals.


I started with research, and I found many similar products on the market. The team pointed features they wanted to implement. We’ve nailed down requirements:

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Mobile First - the desktop had a lower-priority, we will reuse components and I will design them as responsive ones.

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Password-less, mobile-only based registration. Cookie and mobile SIM-card-based user identification.

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Payment options (Card, PayPal, SMS, Pay By Mobile, Apple Pay)

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Bonus Points for an e-mail address and newsletter subscription.

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Referral programme. Must be possible to invite a friend and get bonus points in return.

Part One: 
User Experience 
Part One: 
User Experience 

First whiteboard sketch. I drew it to visualize the user flow and to have an idea which parts I need to cover and in what order. It was also good to understand the product at a high level.

user journey%201

White-boarding is one of my favourite creative methods.

I sketched a user flow on paper, scanned, and shared it with a team via Miro. After a few iterations, we’ve moved to Figma.

01 Process01 Process

Miro is amazing tool to work with.


I created a simple-clickable prototype and informed everyone to save this link as we will work on it. Was very important for me to have everyone on the same page.

I knew that we were going to need a design system sooner than later. That’s why I started thinking about components, patterns and variants. That way I will not waste any time later. As key components of the design system were already defined.

I divided the system into measures and CSS styles. That way I was able to deliver many brands in no time.

placeholder imageplaceholder image

White-boarding is one of my favourite creative methods.

Design System

To speed up the development process I created full documentation.

It was faster for me to create this doc than later spent time with developers. It wasn’t a separate file but a part of the main template. That way I wasn’t creating a new document but worked on a single system.

Before the development, I informed the team that:

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Everything is modular and nested

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I used Fibonacci numbers

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If something has 27pixels is more likely 30pixels

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If typography is without a style = mistake

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If colour is without a style = mistake

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And a few more - But that was my approach

Design System-03modal winnersform fields

Doing design guidelines was a real seamless expirience in Figma and it wasn’t something EXTRA, Was just a part of my workflow.


Prize Jar is a monotone brand with a yellow as an accent. Sometimes we can use it as a duo-tone.

01 Process

It is possible to use mono-gradients

Part two:
Brand and a Bear..
Part two:
Brand and a Bear..

The Logo

I’ve created eight versions of the logo. Very important for me was to keep the logo readable, as the only place where it will be available on the nav-bar (about 50px height). 

We did limited focus groups and we’ve found that that the simplest logo was a winner and red was the colour of choice

The team requirements were:

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Must be appealing to everyone

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Must be all about fun

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Must have soft look and vibe

01 Process

Tested Version

01 Process

Picked Logo

01 Process

We also tested colour and Red was a clear winner


I used Nunito for H1 to H7 and Nunito Sans for everything else below the H7 line

01 Process

Typography page from my guidelines

The Bear

I created this character to support the brand. My main goal was to use it as “an emotion device” to signal important events like “waiting”, “win”, “surprise” and others.

I also created a font with all his emotions. It was useful for marketing, presentations, etc. I sent this font to everyone involved.

01 Process

Bear and all his emotions


Example animations to support a user engagement and attention during the loading time or to point a user in the right direction.

monkey loading
placeholder image

User is waiting for KYC verification

Thumbs Up-Wink-2-20percent
placeholder image

Payment confirmed thumbs-up!


We’ve used bear across the social media and during the onboarding process.

I also created a font with all his emotions. It was useful for marketing, presentations, etc. I sent this font to everyone involved.

01 Process

Examples of the Instagram Posts

01 Process

Social media headers

Part There
The Development
Part There
The Development

I was involved in the development, reviewing developers’ progress, writing review documents. 

Developers were pleased with my documentation. I’ve heard many times that my comments and reviews were clear and very easy to understand.

prize jar-review-02

An example of a desing review document. 


From day one, our goal was to be as transparent as possible, that’s why we’ve picked Trustpilot as our go-to-trust-platform. 

Trust is a part of the “promise” message of this product and there is always not-enough what we can do to build it.

It was a true joy to read all comments of our users. In moments like this I know why I love this job :)

placeholder imageuser feedback-02user feedback-04user feedback-06user feedback-08
placeholder imageuser feedback-03user feedback-05user feedback-07user feedback-09

UX Services

My work on Prize Jar hadn’t finished with a launch. The company involved me in many improvements and tweak projects. like:

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New Registration Journey

bullet icon

User Win Sharing and Winners panel/functionalities

bullet icon

Many More

An example of such a project: “Categories" below

placeholder image
placeholder image

Concept sketches

placeholder image
placeholder image


The Gallery
Of Screencaps

The Gallery 
Of Screencaps

desk mobile-01
01 Process

Landing Page

Mob 03

The Competition Entry Point

Mob 02

The Competition Journey Entry Point

Mob 06

Mobile Verification

01 Process

Purchase Panel

01 Process

Mobile Number Entry

Mob 08

Card Entry

01 Process

Profile Page

Mob 10

Referal Page

Mob 04

Bonus For E-mail

01 Process

Opt-In Pop-up

01 Process

Social Media Panel

The Outcome

It was a great project to work on. We've achieved a lot in a short period. It was fantastic to work with a senior and experienced team. 

Additional info about the second brand can be found here


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