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August 2020

JUL 2020

Prize Jar

I do have big documentation of this project but I will not share it here. This is an overview, if you want to know more, please let me know.


A raffle is a gambling competition in which people obtain numbered tickets, each ticket having the chance of winning a prize. At a set time, the winners are drawn at random from a container holding a copy of every number. The drawn tickets are checked against a collection of prizes with numbers attached to them, and the holder of the ticket wins the prize.

The Goal

To create the internet raffle product from scratch.
Patrick Southon (Foxy Bingo) contracted me to design a new web-raffle product for his new venture. 

You can check the web-site here

My Tasks
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The Brand x2

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Brand guidelines, stories and look and feel

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Interaction Design

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Design System and Implementation

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Icons and all the visuals

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Marketing Campaign Deliveries

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GUI animations

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Characters' ui Animations

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Social Media Materials

The Brand


I created 8 versions of the logo. We picked that one as it was the most mature and the best for our target audience.

01 Process

Logo Final

An interesting finding was that our target audience not received well Sophisticated and better versions of the logo.

01 Process

Tested Versions


We did a limited focus group to establish what colour we will use. As we weren't sure.

01 Process

Tested Versions

Red was a winner.


Prize Jar is a monotone brand with a yellow as an accent. Sometimes we can use it as a duo-tone.

01 Process

Tested Versions


I used Nunito for H1 to H7 and Nunito Sans for everything else below the H7 line

01 Process

Typography page from my guidelines

The Bear

I created this character to support the brand.

01 Process

Tested Versions

This is a fourth version of him. I also animated him in the UI doing funny things.
Some Animations from the UI

monkey loading
Thumbs Up-Wink-2-20percent

I also created a font with all his emotions. It was useful for marketing, presentations, etc. I sent this font to everyone involved.

We’ve used bear across the social media and during the onboarding process.

01 Process

Examples of the Instagram Posts

01 Process

Social media headers

UX Process

I sketched everything on the paper, scanned and shared with a team via Miro.

01 Process

I love miro, its great for collaboration

01 Process

I was also mindmapping flows to better understand the product and user tasks

After we were happy with the basic flow I moved to Figma.

I created a basic prototype and I shared it with everyone. We’ve been working that way until we were happy with the user journeys.

It was a very important to have everyone familliar with Figma. From Developers to Marketing this design thinking process worked amazing and becuase of that we’ve been working very fast.

While working on the prototype I was creating a design system in the same time.

Design System

To speed up development process I created a full documentation . It was faster for me to create this doc than later spent time with developers. It wasn’t a separate file but a part of the main template. That way I wasn’t creating a new document but worked on a single system. 

Design System-03

Doing design guidelines was a real seamless expirience in Figma and it wasn’t something EXTRA, Was just a part of my workflow.

I informed the team that:

everything is modular and nested
• I used Fibonacci numbers
• If something is 27pixels is more likely 30pixels
• if typography is without a style = mistake
• if colour hasn’t had a style, it is a mistake
• And a few more. But that was my approach

Deliveries And Visuals

desk mobile-01
01 Process

Landing Page

Mob 03

The Competitiony Entry Point

Mob 02

The Competition Journey Entry Point

01 Process

Mobile Number Entry

Mob 06

Mobile Verification

01 Process

Purchase Panel

Mob 08

Card Entry

01 Process

Profile Page

Mob 10

Referal Page

01 Process

Social Media Panel

Mob 04

Bonus For E-mail

01 Process

Opt-In Pop-up


I was involved in development, reviewing developers’ progress, writing review documents etc.. Developers were pleased with my documentation. I’ve heard many times that my comments and reviews were clear and very easy to understand.

prize jar-review-02
The Outcome

ATM 10.09.2020 Prize Jar launched in the UK. Time and market will tell how the product doing. There are plans for a Prize Jar but it is yet to be announced.

Update 29.09.2020 - Site has a crazy convertion rate about 90%. And its getting better. 👍


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