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SEP 2018

Lottery Product Design

I do have big documentation of this project but I will not share it here. This is an overview, if you want to know more, please let me know.


Lottery syndicates are interesting products. The idea behind is to buy as many chances as possible but share the total win with other syndicate members. User can decide how many entries he wants to buy.

It’s possible to pick from lotteries across the world. Like American Thunderball or German Lotto. The choice is up to the user.

The Goal

To Build a new line of the products for the lottery players and soft-gamblers.

My Tasks
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Create green-field product line

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Market research

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User tests

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Project documentation

The Process
01 Process

Our Creative Director and CTO provided me with a brief. The idea of the product came from the company’s board.

01a PBrief

The brief with my notes.


I started the research of the market. I found some competition across the planet but nothing major in the UK.

02 Research

A Part of my research

Sketching and Wireframes

I created some sketches and 9 iterations of the general wireframe. General = no support screens and pop-ups.

03 Sketch


04 wireframe05 wireframe@2x06 wireframe07 wireframe
Prototypes And Test

I organized two in-house user lap tests. Simple usability 9-steps test. 9 users per test, different social backgrounds, IQ above average

The first test

9 Samples / Observations - Notes

placeholder image

The Second Prototype

Results of the first test:

• Users didn’t understand the idea of the syndicates
• Struggled to find some options like a (+) plus button
• Used burger menu to navigate
• After the first test, I changed the UI and conducted another one. To inform the users about syndicates I also added user tutorial as a landing experience. 

08 tutorial

The Tutorial Had Been Added To The Test

The second test

9 Samples / Observations - Notes

lotter proto-03

Forth Prototype

Results of the second test:

• I improved every result from the first test
• The tutorial has proven to be a good idea

The Final Visuals

I prepared the design system and documentation for the developers.

iphone 01

Homepage Branded as Spingenie

iphone 02

Tickets Area

iphone 03

Chances Purchase Modal

iphone 04

Chances Cancel Modal

placeholder image

Advance Payment Screen

placeholder image

Registration Journey - Branded as Spingenie

The Outcome

I prepared the design system and documentation for the developers.

It was my first project at Gaming Realms and I was content with the results. I started some important design processes across the teams and improved some workflows.


Most Recent Works

placeholder image

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placeholder image

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I started design thinking processes across the company by designing gamification as a big team

Older Works

A bit older and ancient samples. If you would like to see some more in a specific area, please let me know and I will send you a link

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After Hours, 
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lottery item
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