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The Intro

As B2B and B2C type company we've been looking at how to improve our B2B platform.


Our goals were:


Create a centralised and automated design system that will support 12+ casino brands


Make the system scalable and ready for future updates
Same Height Control


Build a pipeline between - design and development


Start design thinking across the company
From back-end to front-end
Interaction Design

I worked on interaction design of the platform for over four years. I knew every aspect and every screen. 

I was the go-to person for colleges seeking assistance with finding, adding, or removing features. I participated in numerous projects, collaborating with Product Managers, UX Researchers, and Marketing teams.

Our framework constituted a complex system enabling users to top up and withdraw money. It resembled a banking application but included additional features such as games and gamification.

The Sketch file itself comprised over 250 unique screens along with Variants and messages. To navigate such an environment effectively, I developed procedures, workflows, and commit strategies.

The platform hosted 12 casino brands, each with its separate template. However, by implementing my master template system, we streamlined our workflow, only needing to modify the master file.

Sketch File Example

placeholder image

User Flow Presentation Example

2019 User-mana
Building the process
The Pipeline

I collaborated closely with the Head of Front End Development to enhance our workflow. Together, we developed a Sketch plugin capable of exporting the entire template seamlessly in one go.

This innovative tool not only exported the layout but also captured crucial elements such as colors, fonts, and assets, ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout our design process. Our collaboration significantly streamlined the transition from design to development, empowering our team to deliver high-quality products with greater speed and precision.

00 Diagram

Pipeline - diagram

The master template
Design System

I created master template. All templates were auto-populated (via plugin) with the features that I’ve added to Slingo.  

I established strict text styles and colour hierarchy.

Heading content
forms 14

Each brand had dark and light modes.

02 dark-light

I built a custom design-lingo inside the sketch file.

That way, components could be easily created by other designers. The design elements were easy to set up and understand.

06 lingo

I devised a set of icon guidelines that, while initially seen as limiting, actually sparked creativity and purposeful design. These guidelines offered a structure for designers to explore innovative solutions while ensuring consistency. They also encouraged collaboration and a culture of meaningful design within our team

04 Icons

Example from our guidelines “How to make icons"

placeholder image

Icons In Bright And Dark-Mode

Customizable entry form fields. Could be themed as needed.

forms postcode
forms 10
forms 05forms password
forms 04
form surnameforms 02
forms 08

Brand guidelines

Guidelines for other designers were an integral part of my job. I created a main document with all the rules and measures.

Page examples illustrating documentation for our internal guidelines serve as invaluable resources within our team. These meticulously crafted documents offer detailed insights into our established protocols, best practices, and design principles.


Framework in action

The gallery
desktop mob-01
desktop mob-04desktop mob-03desktop mob-02desktop mob-01
The Outcome
Successful Business Impact:

The implementation of the design system and framework proved to be a significant success from a business perspective. Notably, there was a remarkable improvement in loading times, with speeds increasing by fourfold. This enhancement undoubtedly contributed to enhanced user experiences and satisfaction.

Enhanced User Satisfaction:

Users expressed high levels of satisfaction with the system, particularly due to the notably faster access to our products. The optimization of loading times directly translated into improved user experiences, demonstrating the system's effectiveness in meeting user needs and expectations.

Valuable Portfolio Asset:

The system emerged as a substantial asset within the company's portfolio. Its demonstrated success in improving loading times, enhancing user satisfaction, and enabling rapid brand creation underscores its strategic importance and value within the organization's offerings.

Recent 2019-2023


This section contains the selection of my best past projects

SEP 2023

Heavy Duty Challenge

"I crafted the brand and GUI for Heavy Duty Challenge game, ensuring a seamless user experience through rigorous testing and UX refinement."

UX | UI | Brand 

AUG 2021


"I led the creation of an innovative internet competition platform, establishing design systems, UI, and UX. Continuously providing design support, I've been integral to the ongoing success of this brand."

UX | UI | Brand

OCT 2019

B2B & B2C

“I crated s design system and managed 12 casino brands, collaborating with the front-end head to create a Sketch plugin for faster production. I also conducted user tests and served as the primary UX resource company-wide."


MAY 2018

Gamification features

"I conducted research and designed gamification features across our company's product portfolio, collaborating with cross-functional teams to enhance user engagement and overall experience."


SEP 2016

Lottery Syndicates

"I directed the research and design of a green-field syndicate lottery app, overseeing the entire process from initial research to MVP design. This case study exemplifies my approach to app design."


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JUN 2018

Slingo Boom HTML5 Game

"I directed the research and design of a green-field syndicate lottery app, overseeing the entire process from initial research to MVP design. This case study exemplifies my approach to app design."

Playstation | PC | Xbox

Product design

Older projects

+5y  Old

This section contains the selection of much older projects just for the reference


+6 years old works

may 2015


GUI design, animations and art for company’s flagship product 



Geonomics GUI design

I was Art Directing creation of skins for company’s instant win games 



+10 years old projects

aug 2013


Game UI And UX


may 2012

Brainstorm iOS app

New product line design and service


jan 2012


New product line design and service


JUN 2009

iOS game

New product line design and service



Areas Of Interest



Some Animations For The US Based Companies


lottery item

JULY 2020

Nathaniel 19
free font for all

As an experiment I had created a freeware font for all designers


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MY Art &

After Hours, 
My Art and Hobby


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