I do have big documentation of this project but I will not share it here. This is an overview, if you want to know more, please let me know.


Gamification works like a loyalty programme.
User gets points while spending money on our website. It can be connected it to pretty much every user action like for eg. “User gets points by adding his personal data to the registration journey. 

The Goal

• To improve retention and conversion of our products
• Create immersive and gamified user experience 

My Tasks
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User experience design

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GUI Animations and Images

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User tests

Mechanics and Research

Various mechanics have been used during the production of this feature. Some based on the university research about gamers and their behaviors, others from books and our in-house ideas.

• Gamification during on-boarding process
• Daily free games
• Points and Levels
• Level boosters 

The Process

1. I’ve Gathered research about competitors and theirs implementations 
2. Started in-house design workshops - ideas gathering and processing
3. Finding from workshops helped us to establish MVP and a roadmap for this product
4. Prototype and user tests to verify ideas and understanding of the users
5. User survey to validate ideas 
6. Production stage
7. Implementation across the brands 

Here is a diagram of my process:


Basic User FLow

We’ve started with a basic user flow, to visualize what we want and what we need.

tutorial 01

A basic user flow

First Prototype

During the gamification project, I created and tested a few prototypes.
Here is one example of the opt-in journey and functionalities.

opt in
Progress bar

Progress bar was a tool that allowed us to inform our users where they are with their progress. I created some animation for it too, like bar boost and bar explosion. It was also possible to check the bar during a game session.

Progress Bar
The Box

We've found box mechanics during one of our workshops. The idea is simple. At the end of each level, the user will get a wrapped gift with a randomly generated prize inside. I really liked that idea as it given the element of curiosity and randomness.

Phone 01

Wrapped box

Phone 03

Opened box with T&Cs


Gamification can be confusing, esspecially for the first time users. Tutorial was a part of the on-boarding process and triggered after the second login.

tutorial 02@2x

Tutorial wireframe/idea


Tutorial the final

The Final Screens
Phone 01

Gamification bar in-game

Phone 03

Gamification in the lobby

Phone 01

Gamification user panel

Phone 03

Gamification user panel  details

Abandoned ideas
Phone 01


Phone 03

Daily free game

Phone 01

Box opening during the game

Phone 03

Idea for A new lobby

Phone 01


Phone 03

Leaderboards another idea

Phone 01

Tournaments in progress

Phone 03

Tournaments lobby another version

The Outcome

Gamification was an interesting project to work on. We haven't seen a spike in our retention and convertion. But we've laearned a lot and established some good desing and development practices.


Most Recent Works

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Platform Design


I created a design system and been taking care of the company’s 12 brands and products.

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Product Design


I started design thinking processes across the company by designing gamification as a big team

placeholder image

Platform Design


I created a new product line for a lottery players and soft gamblers. 

Older Works

A bit older and ancient samples. If you would like to see some more in a specific area, please let me know and I will send you a link

SEP 2016

Lottery Syndicates

Making Of The Lottery Syndicates

Product Design

lottery item

SEP 2018

Slingo Boom

HTML5 Angular,
Client Side,Game Project

Visual Design & UX

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MAY 2015

Pirate Plunder

Game Art For a Gambling

Game Art

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Game Skins

Instant Win Games Assets
And Website Visual Design

Game Art

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AUG 2013


Artwork For a Company’s

Art & UX

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MAY 2012

Ios App

iOS App For Brainstorming

Product Design

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JAN 2012

Weather App

The App For Cessna Style
Airplane Pilots

Product Design

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JUN 2009

iOS Game

Arkanoid Style
Personal Project

Product Design

lottery item



Some Animations
For The US Based Companies


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MY Art &

After Hours, 
My Art and Hobby


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